Back to Eden Garden – Update 1

As I have experimented with gardening, I have struggled with a major problem – WEEDS!  We are overrun with Bermuda grass in our garden and orchard area.  No matter what I tried, I could not keep up with the weeds and my garden would quickly become covered with grass.  So, of course, I turned to Google for help, searching for gardening solutions to weeds.  I kept coming across blogs and videos talking about “Back to Eden” gardening.  Here is a film describing Back to Eden gardening.  This is one of my garden areas as we were preparing it for my fall and winter garden:


I was very excited to read this post from Terroir Seeds (no affiliation).  I purchased the recommended weed barrier (again, no affiliation) and placed it around the edges of my garden over some cardboard.  I then covered the garden with wood chips from a local tree trimmer.  What a great free resource – it is free for me and it saves the tree trimmers from having to pay to dump it.  Once I had the barrier and the wood chips in place, it was time to plant!  I started with starts purchased at my local big box hardware store.


Every day I checked the garden for weeds.  I would occasionally find a few, but the quickly and easily pulled out.  As the days passed, I was cautiously optimistic that the weeds weren’t going to be a problem.  In my previous gardens, the weeds quickly consumed my plants and I gave up.  I would spend hours every day weeding and I couldn’t stay ahead.  Now I check the garden once per week for weeds and am completely done in 10 minutes!  What a difference!  I also noticed that I have not had to water my garden like I did in the last fall and winter seasons.  The next step was to see how it worked over longer times.

It has been several months and here is what my garden looks like:


Success!  Everything has grown so nicely – except for the weeds!  For my fall and winter garden I am calling this a success.  I have never had a garden be this successful.  I love sitting out in the afternoon and reading in the garden.  This garden season has been a pleasure, not a chore.  I look forward to seeing how this method fares in spring and summer when the grass starts growing again.

Have you tried Back to Eden Gardening?  Let me know how your garden is growing!

Modern Desert Homesteader

2 thoughts on “Back to Eden Garden – Update 1

    1. Hi Karen,
      The dirt is under the chips. I push aside the chips to plant seeds or transplants. As the plant grows taller, I push the chips back around the base of the stem. Hope that helps!

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