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Prepare Your Homestead for Aging or Injury

I recently discovered we had neglected some critical homestead preparations after having surgery related to a homestead injury.  I was unable to navigate much of our homestead with crutches and a walker, which meant others had to take over my chores.  I failed to train everyone to complete the chores I was handling.  It is much easier to put these systems in place before they are needed.

As you walk around your homestead, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Could I navigate my homestead on crutches or with a walker?  Can I get to the most critical areas?  Can I get in and out of my house?
  • Am I the only person who knows how to complete this task?  Do I need to provide written materials to support the person I need to train as my back up?
  • As I plan projects, have I considered mobility constraints and injury constraints?  Can others easily manage the system I am putting in place or does it require special knowledge or skills?  How can I provide the knowledge and skills to others?
  • Can I alter current protocols to accommodate mobility challenges?
  • Can I move about the interior of my home with crutches or a walker?  Can I bathe or do I need items such as handrails or shower seat?  Do I have the items in place?

I am sure I have missed many other questions, but the most important thing is to think about these challenges as you improve your homestead.  After an injury is not the time to discover all these overlooked items.  As you go about your day, view each task through the lens of decreased mobility or limiting injury.  Make necessary changes now to hopefully minimize the impact in the future.

Modern Desert Homesteader