Picture of Baker Creek & Territorial Seed Company 2022 Catalogs
My Favorite Seed Catalogs

January used to be my least favorite time of year. After the holidays, it seemed empty with nothing to look forward to. Now it is one of my favorite times of the year due to the excitement of seed catalogs being delivered!

One of the most profound lessons I learned from reviewing seed catalogs is the astonishing variety of food available to gardeners. I once thought that a grocery store had an abundance of choices, but I was wrong. Compared to what we could grow, the store choices are shockingly minimal.

As I spent hours devouring the content of this year’s seed catalogs, I made a list of ones that caught my eye. This post will detail the top plants catching my eye this season that meet my goals (detailed in this post on my blog) of creating a garden that has multi-functional plants to provide nutrient-dense food and herbal teas year-round.

Picture of Orange Hat Tomato Seed Packet

Baker Creek

Baker Creek (link to their website) puts out what is hands down the most beautiful catalog. Their photo composition and information are amazing. I read it and savor it. Baker Creek is one of the top two seed companies I use. I have linked each variety to Baker Creek’s page for them.

  • Agastache, Navajo Sunset
    • Attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds
    • Tolerates poor soils and less water
    • Used for herbal teas
    • Citrus scented
  • Arugula, Wasabi
    • Matures in 35 days
    • Flowers are edible
    • Nutrient dense
    • Wasabi flavors
  • Basil, Cardinal
    • Produces beautiful flowers in addition to flavorful leaves
Picture of Cal Sweet Bush Watermelon Seed Packet

Territorial Seed Company

Territorial (link to their website) is the other top seed company I use. While their catalog isn’t as beautiful as Baker Creek’s, they do provide great information and many interesting plants. I have linked each variety to Territorial’s link for them.

What If My Choices Are Out Of Stock?

It is so deflating to get excited to try a new seed variety only to find out the supplier is out of stock! Here are some tips to try when you get the dreaded “out of stock” message.

Check Other Seed Catalogs

Checking other seed catalogs for similar seeds is my first course of action. While the variety names might be different, I can frequently find a variety that is very similar or the same as the one that was out of stock.


If I wasn’t successful in locating the same or similar variety in the seed catalogs I have, I will google the variety and see what purchase options are offered. There are so many seed providers beyond the catalogs I receive. If the source is an Etsy store or other small vendor, I check reviews to see how others rate the seed quality and customer service.

Garden Groups

I belong to several garden groups on Facebook. Depending on the rules of the group, you might be able to find a fellow gardener who has seeds for trade or purchase.

Email Notice

If all the options above failed, I will see if the seed provider provides an email alert for when a specific variety comes back in stock. This way I don’t have to remember to frequently check back for restocking.

Let The Gardening Begin!

I look forward to trying these new-to-me varieties in my Greenstalk planter and Grocery Row Garden. I am excited to see how they perform and taste. Happy Gardening everyone!

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