Welcome to the wonderful world of gardening! Even if you’re new to this hobby – don’t worry, you won’t be the only one. It’s surprisingly easy to get into and can be a great way to get in touch with nature and grow delicious food. So let’s get you started on your gardening journey!

The photo includes a Bootstrap Farmer Extra Strength 1020 in black as the main focus. There are 6 cell trays in orange and 5" pots in orange in the background. There is also seed packets.
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Bootstrap Farmer Extra Strength 1020 Trays Review 2023 – Is It Useful?

For gardeners looking to build a complete seed-starting system, Bootstrap Farmer’s Extra Strength 1020 Trays are the ideal foundation for your system. With these versatile trays, you’ll be able to add your choice of cell inserts to start up to 200 seedlings. These trays are crafted from durable plastic that withstands years of use, both…

Image of 4 inch planting pots with seedlings growing.
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How to create a seed starting setup: 15 Must-haves for better results

Starting plants from seeds can feel like an overwhelming task for those new to home gardening. However, with the right tools and equipment, it can be an incredibly fulfilling experience that leads to bountiful harvests. To help you achieve success, this blog post covers the essential items needed to create an effective seed starting setup…

Picture of a stack of gardening seed catalogs.
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Online Seed Companies: The Ultimate List for Easy Shopping

Have you ever felt disappointed by the limited selection of seeds available at your local store? Or struggled to find places to buy seeds that offer rare and unique varieties to add to your garden? As a fellow gardener, I have created the ultimate solution for all your seed shopping needs. In this blog post,…

Picture of Baker Creek & Territorial Seed Company 2022 Catalogs
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15 Interesting Plants I Must Try | Seed Catalogs For 2022

January used to be my least favorite time of year. After the holidays, it seemed empty with nothing to look forward to. Now it is one of my favorite times of the year due to the excitement of seed catalogs being delivered! One of the most profound lessons I learned from reviewing seed catalogs is…

Picture of desert landscape
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Starting A Desert Garden | How To Build My Growcery Store

We have observed our property for a year, our house is being built, and we are finally ready to start our first garden here! This is the project I have been waiting for! I have spent the last year researching desert gardening methods as well as general gardening methods. My garden plan incorporates methods from…

Blog Post Featured Image. Desert Trees and Shrubs and Weeds
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7 Key Questions For New Desert Gardeners (Avoid My Mistakes)

One of the main goals for my desert homestead is to grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Now that our house is under construction, it is time to start making my dream come true. When I gardened at our first homestead, I didn’t take the time to develop a plan for my garden…

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The Best Fruit Trees For Starting Your Desert Homestead

Figuring out which trees to start planting on your new homestead can be overwhelming. Nurseries, catalogs, and big box stores are filled with so many choices. When we started our first homestead, we planted a large variety of trees and had many discouraging failures. Now that we are developing a new homestead, we decided to…