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How to Create Your Homestead Blueprint (No Matter Where You Live)

Do you live where you feel like you can’t live the homestead lifestyle you want? I did. I lived in an HOA when I decided the homestead lifestyle was for me. But all I saw were roadblocks: I felt defeated. How could I live this homestead lifestyle I now longed for? I thought I was…

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Starting A Desert Garden | How To Build My Growcery Store

We have observed our property for a year, our house is being built, and we are finally ready to start our first garden here! This is the project I have been waiting for! I have spent the last year researching desert gardening methods as well as general gardening methods. My garden plan incorporates methods from…

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7 Key Questions For New Desert Gardeners (Avoid My Mistakes)

One of the main goals for my desert homestead is to grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Now that our house is under construction, it is time to start making my dream come true. When I gardened at our first homestead, I didn’t take the time to develop a plan for my garden…

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Finding Your Homestead Land – Best Tip Plus 7 Strategies

Buying land for your homestead can be very stressful if you have never been through the process before.  We found many great tips and strategies that we used for finding land through google searches. After 2 years of actively touring properties, my favorite tip that I didn’t see on the internet is to look past…

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Semi-Custom Home Build – 7 Key Questions For The Builder

Determining if building a semi-custom home is the right choice for your homestead can be daunting. It isn’t as easy as buying a home to be built in a typical neighborhood. After going through the process, we found that there are 7 key questions you should ask the builder to help you make the best…