Welcome to my homestead! At Modern Desert Homestead my mission is to provide a reliable and trustworthy place to find information and inspiration about homesteading, gardening, and permaculture. My tagline of “real homesteading, real helpful” shows my dedication to offering practical guidance, useful tips, and engaging content that aligns with the needs and values of my community.

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide reliable, trustworthy, and engaging content that empowers readers on their own homesteading journey.

Because of this mission statement, it is important for me to provide editorial guidelines reflecting my commitment to conducting quality research and writing with integrity. I strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information as possible, drawing from reputable sources, expert insights, and my own experiences. My goal is to empower readers to make informed decisions for themselves.

Why I Do Reviews

I love learning and am passionate about conducting research. Research plays a large role in the decisions I make for my own homestead. I have learned a great deal from other creators who share their personal research. My goal is to add to the pool of knowledge to help others in their personal research to make the best decisions for their homestead.

My Research Methods

Transparency is the cornerstone of my editorial process. My goal is to personally test as many products as I can, however, there are instances where this is simply not feasible.

I conduct thorough research by reviewing trusted sources, such as expert content creators, reputable review sites with customer feedback, and verifying information. I use my personal experiences with the research to formulate reviews that are well-informed and unbiased.

How I Keep Providing Information For Free

I am committed to providing helpful information to you for free. I may earn a commission when readers make purchases through affiliate links. I disclose any conflicts of interest, partnerships, sponsorships, or affiliate relationships that relates to the content I produce. These disclosures are to ensure that my readers can trust the content presented.

These partnerships do not influence my editorial standards. I am committed to only recommending products I believe in based on my research methods.

I Prioritize My Readers

I prioritize the needs and interests of my readers. I provide many ways for you to connect with me – through social media and by email. I welcome input, questions, and feedback. Our community is helped by sharing knowledge and forming connections. I value diverse perspectives and experiences and strive to be inclusive and respectful in my content.

How I Use AI-Generated Content

I use AI tools to help me create better content for readers and overcome writer’s block. I believe these tools are useful for sparking ideas, making my content more engaging, and enhancing the reader experience.

I never publish AI-Generated content without conducting thorough fact-checking, editing, and proofreading.

These tools are simply tools to help me. AI-generated content is prone to errors, inaccuracies, and discrepancies. I take great care to verify, review, refine, and correct content before publishing. I am committed to high-quality and trustworthy content, and that requires me to carefully balance the use of tools with my own research and experience.

My AI Content Disclaimer can be found in my terms and conditions under the heading of AI Content Disclaimer.


By adhering to these editorial guidelines, I aim to build a solid reputation as a trusted source for homesteading enthusiasts. I am committed to delivering valuable, well-researched, and engaging content that reflects the realities of homesteading while providing practical guidance and inspiration.